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Next Generation Wealth Management

Elevate Your Wealth Management with Our All-in-One Platform. Streamline Your Finances and Unleash Growth Potential Like Never Before.


Giving you the best financial overview you can get

We know the struggle of having many sources of data. We bring them together, no matter if it's your bank accounts, your investment funds, or all your real estate numbers.

  • Integrates with all sources of your dataAVIMBU offers a wide range of options to combine all your data. From direct connections to Plug-Ins, APIs, and powerful CSV and PDF import.
  • Secure. From ground upData security is the heart of AVIMBU - and our highest priority! We are using the latest encryption technology, so only you can decide who has access to it.
  • Supports you. In every wayGet support in your wealth-related tasks. Either with insights through our optional AI assistant or by inviting your wealth managers to your portfolio.
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All your Information at a glance

With AVIMBU you have every performance indicator where you need it. Choose from hundreds of different charts to see what's happening in your portfolio.



Frequently asked questions answered

Why should I use AVIMBU instead of the online banking of my bank?

AVIMBU is an addition to your online banking and bringst together all the different sources of wealth you have, offering a much wider range of overviews than your online banking account could ever do. This includes real estate or investments in companies outside of traditional stock markets.

Is my information safe on AVIMBU?

We do our best to keep everything safe and encrypted, so only you can see and access your data. And when connecting to other banks, we only get access to read your data.

What about different currencies or accounts in other countries?

No worries! We handle different currencies for you. We automatically convert accounts and currencies for you, so you always know what's going on.

Is there a mobile app available for on-the-go access?

We are working hard to bring AVIMBU everywhere you need it. At the moment, we don't have any mobile app, but you can access our platform on every modern smartphone via your browser

Calculate your Current Wealth Now

Try out our free wealth calculator and see for yourself.

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