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Next Generation Wealth Management

Elevate Your Wealth Management with Our All-in-One Platform. Streamline Your Finances and Unleash Growth Potential Like Never Before.


Support Us in Building AVIMBU

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The most complete financial overview

AVIMBU brings together all your assets, no matter if it's your bank account or your art gallery.

SecureData security is the heart of AVIMBU - and our highest priority! We are using the latest encryption technology, so only you can decide who has access to it.
CompleteAVIMBU offers a wide range of options to combine all your data. From classics like CSV and PDF import, through manual entry to soon fully automated sync via Plug-Ins.
Growing with youWe are just getting started. AVIMBU is growing with you and your assets. We have many plans for the future to get even better in supporting you and your wealth!

All your Information at a glance

With AVIMBU you have every performance indicator where you need it. Choose from hundreds of different charts and see what's happening in your portfolio.

Charts for (almost) everything

Coming Soon - Pick out of hundreds of different charts, build your own data queries, and see exactly what you want, where you want it.

Group 2287.png

Your daily Overview

See what's happening in your portfolio today, how you are performing, and what you could improve. Nothing that distracts you, just your data and the information you need.

Group 2286.png

Integrates with every tool you can imagine

Coming Soon - AVIMBU is built to be extended. Choose from a wide range of Plug-Ins to integrate with your favorite data providers. Or build custom extensions on your own for your specific needs and share them in our Plug-In store so everyone can benefit from them!

Group 62.png

Use AVIMBU alone or with your team

Coming Soon - No matter if you are managing your wealth alone, share it with your partner, or get professional support, with AVIMBU you can give granular access to your accounts to get the most out of it.

Group 2291.png

Your most important Assets supported

AVIMBU supports a wide range of assets and is ever-growing.



The most basic form of money. Import or soon automatically sync your bank accounts, savings accounts, credit cards, and other cash-related accounts.

Stocks, ETFs and other Trades

Combining every information stock exchanges has to offer, tailored to your portfolio. See how your portfolio is performing and how it plays a role in your asset portfolio.

Crypto Currencies - Coming Soon

Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Co. Whatever you own, see how it is performing and impacting your portfolio with great insights from crypto exchanges around the world.

Real Estate - Coming Soon

From single flats to entire property complexes, AVIMBU provides vital insights into your real estate investments' costs, income, and utilization.

Angel Investments - Coming Soon

Gain a comprehensive overview of your Angel Investments' performance and effortlessly access associated documents

And Ever-Growing

From Gold and diverse Commodities to Arts, Collectibles, and beyond, AVIMBU continuously expands its support for your entire portfolio.


Frequently asked questions answered

Why should I use AVIMBU instead of the online banking of my bank?

AVIMBU is an addition to your online banking and bringst together all the different sources of wealth you have, offering a much wider range of overviews than your online banking account could ever do. This includes real estate or investments in companies outside of traditional stock markets.

Is my information safe on AVIMBU?

We do our best to keep everything safe and encrypted, so only you can see and access your data. And when connecting to other banks, we only get access to read your data.

What about different currencies or accounts in other countries?

No worries! We handle different currencies for you. We automatically convert accounts and currencies for you, so you always know what's going on.

Is there a mobile app available for on-the-go access?

We are working hard to bring AVIMBU everywhere you need it. At the moment, we don't have any mobile app, but you can access our platform on every modern smartphone via your browser

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