Wealth Management - Tailored to you for the challenges of tomorrow

Unlock the potential of your family office with our portfolio management solution. Save time navigating the complexities of wealth management an stay ahead with a platform designed for tomorrow's challenges.


A more efficen way to handle wealth portfolios

AVIMBU integrates in your existing environment and supports your daily workflow.

Security from ground upData security is the heart of AVIMBU - and our highest priority! We are using the latest encryption technology, so only you can decide who has access to it.
Adjustable to your needsEvery client is different, and so is AVIMBU. Adjust asset classes, statistics and your reports individually to your clients need.
Expandable in every directionOverwhelmed by data-sources? Not anymore. With our Plug-Ins you can easily connect all your accounts to AVIMBU and automatically sync your data. Of course, classic import of CSV or PDF or manual entry is supported as well.

Our latest features

AVIMBU is ever expanding. Here are some of our latest features introduced to the platform!

Generate Custom Wealth Reports

Generate your monthly or quarterly wealth report in seconds instead of hours. Choose from a wide range of designs or bring your own design to AVIMBU.
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Handle Start-Up reports automatically

Keeping up-to-date with Start-Up investments can be hard, as there are many different ways they report to you. We harmonize all reports for you, so you can focus on what really matters.
Also available standalone
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