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About Us

Once we started investing across different banks and assets, we quickly lost the overview of what was happening and where we were standing at the moment. It all started with spreadsheets to get an overview of our money. But over time, our spreadsheets got crowded, and hard to maintain, and lost the reason why we did it in the first place. So we started building a platform that integrates with all our assets, accounts, and data providers, to automatically see where we stand. And to improve not only our but the general wealth management, we started building it in public, so everyone can benefit from it.

AVIMBU is still in its early steps, but we have a big vision: to bring wealth management to the 21th century for everyone. No matter if you are just getting started or already owning a wide portfolio of assets - we want to support you on your journey. And we want to do it automatically, so you don't have to think about it.

Our plans for AVIMBU are huge. Find some of our ideas in the roadmap below to see what we are planning next and when you can expect to benefit from it. Missing anything or want to access it earlier? Send us a message and we will come back to you as soon as possible.


Our Roadmap

See what we plan to implement next and when we expect it to be ready for the public. Click to expand and see more details.

Integration to Plaid, Zappier and Co. - Q1 2024

We want to make it easy to connect accounts and sync data to AVIMBU. That's why we are integrating with several data providers to automatically sync data from and to AVIMBU.

Support for Crypto-Currencies - Q1 2024

Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Co has become a popular asset for investment. That's why we are planning to extend AVIMBU to support Crypto-Currencies.

Multi-Currency support - Q1 2024

For everyone living internationally, multiple currencies are a daily given. To give an overview now matter in how many currencies wealth is build, we are planning to integrate Multi-Currency support.

Support for Angel Investments - Q2 2024

Early investments into startup has become a popular investment strategy, especially for those who gained their wealth in startups and want to give back something to the community. With Angel Investment support we allow to track investments in that sector.

Support for Real Estate - Q2 2024

Having Real Estate to either live in or rent out is a widely used investment asset. We want to allow you to track everything around your real estate investments in AVIMBU and have big plans for much more quarter to come.

Plug-In Store - Q3 2024

AVIMBU brings together a very wide range of assets from different areas. To benefit from those who already own our data and to bring them together into one place, we are building a Plug-In store as the base of AVIMBU. This not only allows us to provide you with a wide range of connections to data providers but also everyone who builds their tools. Connect to your tax advisor, get the latest trends from your companies, and much more. There are hardly any limits on what will be possible with AVIMBU.

Many more assets - 2024

There are still a lot of assets missing from the list, but we have an eye on all of them and plan to integrate several throughout 2024. Subscribe to our newsletter and become part of AVIMBU to be the first to find out what's coming up.

Missing something in the list above?

Reach out to us for feedback, suggestions and more. We come back to you within one business day!

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